joi, 13 august 2020

Lack of mass/The hypothesis of nothing explainable

 -All particles have energy and amount of substance 0.

-The spin exists/manifests itself: 1, 1/2, 2 are fictitious values(temporary) with practical implications, real value of the angular moment is null.

-Inclusion in an intuitive system

Quantum fields = changing the values ​​in space-time of the same single field, in other words: quantum fields are the properties/effects of the single field - there are no "quantum fields", there are local fluctuations.

The unique quantum field can be seen as a mobile perpetuum that creates the bottomless shape/non-existence of mass; all particles/local fluctuations have a value of 0/neutral electric charge, in other words they are empty set. The characteristics of the shape are intrinsic to the mass, 0.

In essence, there is only emptiness, the emptiness of the bottomless forms that still outline the micro and macro world. Not only is there a vacuum (100% nothing), there is only a vacuum, the boundary/contour of shapes (particles, according to the old model) are the delimitations made by the laws of the single quantum field - and energy can have value 0 = movement/dynamics/creation from nothing to something with zero value. From nothing to another nothing, a different nothing  is created but with the same null value.

This mobile perpetuum has no energy, but it works. How does it work? Rearranging bottomless shapes in different models/modes/patterns, thus creating the micro & macro world, is the equivalent of forming chemical elements, we can imagine a building as a more complex chemical element, but which has the same structural basis of development/development process: the macro and micro levels are one and the same, or rather ... they are the stages of the same world. How many dimensions this perpetuum mobile have? 4, more, or less? It doesen't matter.

The local fluctuation being the ball at the base of the pendulum, the mobile perpetuum has conserved energy 0 which it imprints on particles which in turn have the same energy 0. The movement/dynamics/exchange of energy occurs in the interval 0 between the system and its repercussions: a zero exchange of energy that generates movement (arrangement of bottomless shapes/ particles/local fluctuations)

The universe exists and does not exist + exists or does not exist... in a value of 0, nullity encompasses them all.The binary code consists of 0 and 1, 1 being the subjective human perspective/numerous interpretations: How many things can be created from nothing? Probably an infinity.


1. The amount of substance in the particles = Matrioska.

2. How is it possible that all particles have energy 0? They have no energy because it was imprinted on them by the Higgs boson.

What scientists measure with the help of tools, mathematical deductions and a priori thinking is actually a conservative and null energy exchange, from 0 to 0.